Professional Training

Certified Pause Place Practitioner Training 2017

Pause Place Practitioner Training

May-November 2017

The first ever professional training programme dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection.

This is an opportunity to train over seven months with some of the warmest and wisest hearts and minds in the field of Psychology and Spirituality, enabling you to facilitate transformative conversations with clients, employees, colleagues or any people you interact with in your life including family, friends, children and loved ones.

You will take part in a deep inner journey that will not only awaken you within but will ensure that who you are, your presence, your being- will create impact in every environment.

Are you ready to make a difference in the world?

Are you ready to go on a journey of personal transformation that will bring you greater freedom, self-expression and connection?

Are you ready to discover the essential qualities necessary to be a highly effective coach, leader in your field and participant in life?

Are you ready to explore your own unique way of being and working so that you can eloquently guide others towards inspired, healthy and fulfilling living?

Are you ready to explore the arena of the heart, the ocean of oneness and awaken the wisdom within yourself and others?

Are you ready to join a group of committed practitioners who will support you in your own personal journey and in the creation of setting up or enriching your current practice?

Are you ready to take part in an experience that will place you at the forefront in the fields of Psychology and Spirituality and allow you to be a pioneer in your field?

Are you ready to improve the quality of all your relationships- with family, partners, children, friends, colleagues and clients?

Are you ready to use the power of love, connection and presence to transform your life and the lives of others?

This Practitioner Programme is designed for you if you want one or more of the following:

To become a Certified Coach and discover the grounding and skills necessary to create a difference in the lives of others either in a personal or professional setting…

To enrich and transform your current coaching or therapy practice and discover your unique voice as a practitioner…

To experience a deepening in your own grounding and clarity in every area of your life personally…

To increase the impact you have professionally- either within a team, organisation or in the creation of your own business.

Six live weekends in London from May-November 2017
Eleven virtual masterclasses with special guests
Two live days in London dedicated to Coaching Practice
Six mentoring group video calls to support your journey
Access to an online forum for long-term support

Upon completion of the training you will become a Certified Pause Place Practitioner and Certified Presence Intelligence Coach.




Those who have had the privilege to meet Bill personally know the impact of his presence. Bill brings a very rare combination of purity of heart, congruency, loyalty, humour and wisdom that is unmistakably life affirming and life enriching.
Katie and Bill connected in a powerful way when meeting in New York in 2008. Since then they have become the greatest of friends and it was only natural that Pause Place should be conceived through sharing, conversation and time spent together.
Katie and Bill will be facilitating this first weekend together, laying the foundations of presence and connection. One thing is certain- the room will be alive with love and alive with a feeling of exploration and discovery.



Dicken exudes clarity and joy. Spending time in his presence is an opportunity to let go of the heavy burden of the mind and allow the deeper spiritual nature of life to reveal itself.
Having worked as a Clinical Psychologist for 31 years, Dicken discovered a completely fresh way of working that transformed not only his own life but the lives of his clients.
Dicken has worked with countless CEO’s, companies and organisations sharing his understanding of the principles behind human experience. He now mentors practitioners and travels worldwide sharing his compassion, wisdom and experience.

15th AND 16th JULY


Hollie’s presence is felt far and wide and in many corners of the globe. She writes in such a way that not only liberates and heals but celebrates the glorious, heartbreaking, joyful and challenging aspects of being human.
Through her honesty, vulnerability, strength and wisdom Hollie has created a unique voice that speaks to many. With over 16,000 loyal readers of her Notes on Living and Loving blog, Hollie has become an inspiration and guide to a whole generation of people walking the path of personal freedom.
Hollie is a sought after speaker and writer and we are thrilled to have her be part of this programme.

16TH AND 17th September

HEALING LANGUAGE AND the soul of the world

Robert is a pioneer in the Therapy and Coaching world. Founding The Lewis Clinic at Number 1 Harley Street 25 years ago, Robert quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most effective practitioners in the field, helping hundreds of individuals to live free, full and creative lives.
With a passion for The Arts, Robert went on to coach many actors and performers, running workshops for The Actor’s Centre in London and being a coach at two of London’s top Drama Schools.
This is a unique opportunity to see and experience a true expert at work and gain insight into creating a highly successful and thriving practice.

7TH AND 8th October


Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is in the unique position of having known Sydney Banks, originator of the Three Principles, before he had his epiphany. She witnessed the extraordinary change that occurred in him and the unprecedented impact his work had on thousands of people, and how this has brought about a new paradigm in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.
She is highly regarded as a public speaker and in her ability to reach audiences both large and small, via a “feeling” that touches the heart and soul. She is sought after for mentoring practitioners. Elsie is the co-founder of the Three Principles School, based on Salt Spring Island, BC.
Elsie is the author of 4 books: Nuggets of Wisdom – Learning to See Them, 2016; Beyond Imagination – A New Reality Awaits, 2013; Our True Identity… Three Principles; 2010, and Wisdom for Life, 2005.

11th and 12th November


Katie And Bill will be with you for the final weekend. This will be an opportunity to consolidate all your learning and ensure that you have everything you need to continue your journey either as practitioner or individual in your own right, making a difference in the world however you choose.
There will be plenty of opportunity for experiential learning, sharing and guidance for your journey going forward.
In many ways, this final part of the programme will be the beginning of a lifetime of creating value, meaning and purpose. We will be celebrating all we have discovered and the connections made.

The Pause Place Practitioner training will take you on an experiential learning journey enabling you to become a highly-skilled coach able to work at a deep level of change with clients.

On completion of this training programme you will:

  • Discover that within you, is a powerful, open-hearted, wise individual; someone who can contribute greatly to this world
  • Learn and explore with some of the most deeply loving and inspiring hearts and minds in the fields of Psychology and Spirituality
  • Develop the grounding, presence and skills necessary to be a highly effective coach in both one on one, group and business settings
  • Discover your own unique way of working that will give you the freedom to express yourself with clients in an authentic way
  • Experience the absolute joy of unconditional love, in your own life and the lives of others
  • Explore the principles behind our experience and how an understanding of these principles can increase clarity, well-being and peace of mind
  • Learn the art of guiding others through meditative and reflective practices
  • Be part of a supportive and inspiring group of coaches with whom you can share ideas and insights with on a long term basis
Masterclasses with:

Daniel Donachie


Daniel is the Head of Sports Science and Medicine at Aston Villa F.C. and Founder of Embodyism, a company with the intention of helping people connect with their essence through the body. Today, his vision is to help every person fulfil their human potential; to help each person see the unlimited possibilities they have within and craft a path that helps to release their unique piece of human life into the world.
Daniel has worked with a number of high profile individuals in the business and sporting fields. He is a qualified Physiotherapist, a fellow of the Gray Institute, spent many years at the School of Economic Science exploring mindfulness practices of the East and has been practicing yoga daily for 20 years.
Daniel enjoys the unfolding and uniqueness of life moment by moment and his wisdom, depth and grounding can be felt by all in his presence.

Nancy Kline


Nancy Kline is President of Time To Think, an international coaching and leadership development Company. Time To Think has offices in the UK, South Africa, the USA and Australia. Nancy teaches coaches and leaders to become experts in creating Thinking Environments with their clients and their teams.

Nancy began piecing together the Thinking Environment in 1973 when she co-founded Thornton Friends School near Washington DC. She and her colleagues set out to answer the question: What does it take for people to think for themselves – with rigour, imagination, courage and grace?

The answers, pointing ultimately to the behaviours known now as the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment®, eventually led to an understanding of the sequence of questions the human mind seems naturally to ask itself when it is breaking through. This process is now called The Thinking Partnership Session® and is regarded by many as essential Coaching expertise.

Nancy continues, in collaboration with the Time To Think Coaches globally, to discover this breakthrough process, and to work with coaches to refine its use in executive coaching and team coaching.

As a coach herself, Nancy values most the journey the client takes to their own, independent thinking. As a teacher of coaches, she finds that creating these conditions for thinking are among the most challenging aspects of professional coaching, and the most rewarding.

Nancy is the author of several books including the best-seller Time To Think: Listening To Ignite The Human Mind, More Time To Think: A Way Of Being In The World and the recently published Living With Time To Think: The God Daughter Letters.

Nancy was born and raised in New Mexico and spent the first part of her adult life in Washington DC. In 1990 she married Christopher Spence and moved to England. They live in Oxfordshire.



Robert Holden Ph.D.’s innovative work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, a PBS show called Shift Happens!, and in two major BBC documentaries called The Happiness Formula and How to Be Happy, shown to over 30 million television viewers worldwide.

Robert is the author of Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success (formerly titled Success Intelligence), Be Happy, Loveability,

Holy Shift! 365 Daily Meditations from A Course in Miracles and Life Loves You, co-written with Louise Hay.



Sophie is a writer, teacher and entrepreneur. Her work connects the worlds of creative practice and social action, shaping imaginative responses to social concerns.

She was the founder of the Department Store for the Mind and the co-founder of The School of Life. Sophie created both businesses at her kitchen table and ran them in their formative years before letting them take full flight on their own. In her own words; “I’m very much a start-up person… talk to me about innovation and ideas but not ongoing operations! I collaborate with all sorts of wonderful people on projects big and small that tickle my interest and promise to teach me new things”

She is the author of several books including Family Photography Now and Street Photography Now, both published by Thames and Hudson. I teach courses on writing and creativity as part of the social leadership programme Year Here.



Louis is a psychotherapist, coach, and mindfulness teacher and above all, a human being with a heart, seeking to heal emotional wounds and increase people’s capacity for love in the world.
He has spent the last 15 years in service to children, families, adults, and organisations. He runs a private practice, A Quiet Evolution, supports charities such as Centrepoint and Kids Company, where he helped design and then manage a therapeutic education provision for some of London’s most damaged teenagers.
He works one day a week at St Joseph’s Hospice in Hackney, where he supports families in which there is someone with a terminal illness. He consults organisations on designing solutions for wellbeing, especially in the digital space, and consulted Headspace, where he helped to conceive a mindfulness app for kids. He also co-founded a social enterprise called Wisdom Connects which translates ancient wisdom into accessible formats to give spiritual nourishment to modern lives.



Kirsty has a twinkle in her eye- one which represents the great source of creativity and wisdom that she is connected to at a deep and profound level. With a wealth of experience as a Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Kirsty shares her knowledge, experience and wisdom in a thought provoking and life transforming way.

As well as running a thriving Central London practice in Harley Street, Kirsty travels Internationally, working with CEO’s, MD’s, social entrepreneurs, performers, directors and artists, guiding them towards truly inspiring lives.

Kirsty writes for the Huffington Post, runs retreats and workshops worldwide and presented at TEDx in London in 2015.



Dr. Mark Howard is founder of the Three Principles Institute in San Mateo, California, USA. He is a licensed psychologist and experienced 3 Principles therapist, teacher and trainer of trainers. He worked as chief of Kaiser Permanente’s Redwood City Chemical Dependency Services department from 1985 to 1998 & is recognized as one of the pioneers who first brought the 3 Principles into the field of psychology.
Since 1982, Dr Howard has been teaching private clients, families, business professionals and mental health practitioners about these principles and the impact of this understanding for peace, wellbeing and happy relationships. In 2008, Dr Howard was awarded the “Outstanding Career Service” award by the Santa Clara County Psychological Association for bringing the principles to Santa Clara County.



Binnie A Dansby is a pioneering and inspired international teacher/facilitator of human transformation. She is also a gifted therapist, philosopher and author. In essence, Binnie is dedicated to transforming the quality of life through the acknowledgement of the effects of birth on human consciousness and culture.

She has created a coherent, applied and integrated philosophical model and educational structure that is relevant across a broad spectrum of life experience.

Binnie’s accomplishments in life cross the spectrum from singer-actress and New York fashion designer to mother of two sons and grandmother of seven. She participated in pioneering rebirthing Breathwork with Leonard Orr beginning in 1975, trained as a clinical hypnotherapist with Dr Joseph Spear, and is a devoted student of the teachings of Master O. Mikael Aivanhov, Tibetan Buddhism, and A Course in Miracles.



With a huge smile and an unmistakable charm, Michael shares a perspective that will take you beyond all of your assumptions about life and who you are. He illuminates the often-missed subtleties of life – and the workings of the mind – with dexterous metaphors and creative language, challenging you to look at what you’ve taken to be true. Using somatic meditation techniques he guides you into your direct experience, shedding many of the ideas we hold about our experience and allowing us to be present and fully embodied in what is.
A truly engaging speaker, he brings playfulness, wit and a refreshing lack of reverence to the exploration of our own lives.



Jenny has become known for speaking from a deep, honest and insightful place. Through overcoming her own adversities she is able to share in such a way that deeply connects to others, offering a voice of truth, wisdom and clarity.
Jenny has trained in depth in an understanding known as The Three Principles and travels worldwide sharing with groups, individuals and practitioners. She is a highly sought-after public speaker in part due to the fact that in her presence it is possible to connect with the space of peace within ourselves.
Jenny emanates love and through her care, sensitivity and strength, she has become highly respected in her field both in the UK and beyond.



Paul left his sleepy village near the coast of West Wales and spent the next 5 years in a Vedanta Centre Monastery playing in the love and wonderment of what Is, and sharing time with representatives of most of the world’s religions.
Since then Paul has quietly drunk tea, travelled and chatted with people from all over the world, about that which simply Is, yet cannot be described. Much loved by all who seek his counsel, he is a pillar of integrity & authenticity for all those seeking the freedom of what Is.


The training will take place at the beautiful De Morgan House in Russell Square, Central London.

Our venue for the training includes a peaceful and private room flooded with natural light and doors opening to a tranquil courtyard garden. The lighting is calming, the chairs comfortable and the location is perfectly placed- two minutes walk from the underground and moments away from many bars and cafes.

Arrival on each day will be from 9.30am and we will begin at 10am and be together till 4.30pm.

To Book Your Place

If you would like to talk to us about the programme, have any questions or would like to book your place, please email

The total investment for the training is £4,500. This can either be paid in full or we can offer a payment plan over 6 or 12 months.
The six live weekends, online masterclasses, coaching practice days and access to the peer support group are all included in this fee. Upon completion of the training, you will be qualified as a Certified Pause Place Practitioner and Certified Presence Intelligence Coach.

Pause Place Practitioner Training 2017
May 6th and 7th – Bill Cumming and Katie Abbott
June 3rd and 4th – Dr Dicken Bettinger
July 15th and 16th – Hollie Holden
September 16th and 17th – Robert Lewis
October 7th and 8th – Elsie Spittle
Nov 11th and 12th – Bill Cumming and Katie Abbott

All virtual masterclasses will take place online between May-November 2017.
Dates are to be announced.


The Pause Place mentoring programme is designed specifically for graduates of the Pause Place Practitioner training.

It is an opportunity to continue your exploration, experience mentorship with Katie Abbott and further develop your mentoring and coaching presence in the world. Those who experienced the training in 2016 need no further exploration into what the experience of Pause Place encompasses. You know.

Attendance at all the live weekends, masterclasses, coaching practice days and zoom calls.

Mentoring new practitioners via skype or one on one (optional)

Monthly mentoring call with Katie Abbott

Opportunity to host zoom calls for new practitioners (optional)

The total investment for the training is £2,800. This can either be paid in full or we can offer a payment plan over 6 or 12 months.
Upon completion of the training, you will be qualified as an Advanced Pause Place Practitioner


Over the years I’ve learnt various self-help methods, used them, thrown them away and restarted/remodelled some but never really finding what worked.
Pause place has enabled me to move beyond all that into what we label as love. The word doesn’t really capture what it is but the essence is embedded.
Pause place has provided me with the growth and the realisation that I will continue to grow and change, ebb and flow but as long as I have love at my core I will move in the world for all elements of what I call good. Thank you for providing this journey.

Richard Baker

I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of the first Pause Place Practitioner training with Katie, Bill & Lisa.

The entire experience has been an absolute pleasure and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

On the first day we were strangers, within weeks we felt like family. When a group of people come together like this and experience the insights and wisdom offered by the amazing mentors that teach each month it is inevitable that one feels a connection with the group and the outside world that is hard to describe.

Katie, Bill & Lisa all embody an effortless presence that is supportive to each and every person they come in contact with, it has been an honour to meet and spend time with each of them and the group.

Melanie Draper

Words cannot fully express my Pause Place experience. It’s been such a personal journey. I’ve felt love and connection like never before. I’ve met some amazing people, both participants and hosts alike who I’m honoured to now call my friends. I’ve overcome some personal challenges and now see myself and the world very differently. Professionally I’ve started creating things I didn’t believe possible and experience people on a much deeper level. I’m so grateful to Bill, Katie and everyone involved in the training for the most incredible adventure. You will be in my heart forever.

Kevin Gandon

Pause place practitioner training is the best money I think I’ve ever spent. It has truly been a spiritual and transformative journey with some very special people. I am so grateful to Katie, Bill and Lisa for this wonderful experiential coaching training. I am thankful every day for what it has brought to my life and wellbeing. I hands down recommend this experience to you and have already recommended it to many friends wanting to become coaches. It’s been a gift and it just keeps on giving.

Dr Shash Vethanayagam

The heart-opening presence of Katie and Bill creates a space of love and grounding I could not have imagined only six months ago. To realise the power and peace of living from the heart is a true gift.

I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience this course! It is life changing. And it will continue to change lives as new practitioners create a space of loving presence for others.

Something incredible is happening here. If you feel drawn please join us. We are waiting with arms open.

Lisa Wood PG Cert (Clin Hyp)

If it wasn’t for the Pause Place programme, my coaching work would be a shadow of what it is now. It’s that simple. I came to the programme experienced in coaching but I knew there was something deeper, more peaceful, more loving and ultimately more transformational in the coaching this programme offered. The presence. The connection. So powerful. Katie, Bill and all the trainers created a beautiful space for all of us and the love and camaraderie that formed in the group made every weekend a special, spacious experience everyone looked forward to. Like a sanctuary, each was as healing as they were educational. And with the master classes, tutoring calls and coaching practice days, it was cram packed with value. Simply, a wonderful, giving experience.

Stephen Woolston

I wasn’t looking at the time that Pause Place appeared. It just seemed to come from nowhere and I knew immediately that it was for me. But that is how it seems to work with Pause Place… it has a momentum all of its own… with Love being the driving force.

Katie, at the helm, radiates a glow of golden light. Wise and gentle and oh so present. Bill on one side, strong and fierce in his unconditional love, Lisa on the other, tender and all seeing in her holding of the room.

The experience is impossible to put into words… But there is a flow … A natural flow… rather like a magic carpet… Once you decide to take the ride there is nothing to think about… It is all done for you… You are already on the most transformational of journeys.

Pause place absorbed 6 glorious months of my life, it was gone in the blink of an eye and yet will be a part of me eternally. I barely remember a time when I was not touched by these souls.

Whether you would like to make a difference in this world… Or just in your world… I couldn’t recommend Pause Place more highly. I know my clients are going to benefit from my experience… actually they already are!

Emma Wilkinson

If you got the chance to sit in a room
Where your heart was safely on display. And its light found a way to illuminate its darkness, would you take it?
If you were told that over the course of six months this would become the most natural thing to witness, would you believe it?

Benita Nwulu

For details of our previous 2016 training, please click here.


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